About The Writer
Jane Alison is the author of a new book of translations, CHANGE ME: Stories of Sexual Transformation from Ovid. She lives in Charlottesville...
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As a novelist and teacher of creative writing, words are both solace and weapon for her.
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"An incomparable personal story, exquisitely, stunningly told."
--Kirkus Review

"Enormously compelling...a truly unusual, harrowing journey of identity." --Publishers Weekly
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"A wonderfully seductive first novel...at once modern and archaic, lyrical and potent, that mesmerizes the reader, drawing us ineluctably into Ovid's world of marble and monuments and primal passions."
--Michiko Kakutani, New York Times
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"The urge to find out what will happen next is counteracted by the wish to luxuriate in Alison's lush, beautifully evocative writing...
A dreamlike, gorgeously watery novel."
--San Francisco Chronicle
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